Trust Me

Scamming Is the Name of the Game, A Discussion of Scams and Elder Abuse

October 05, 2023 California Lawyers Association - Trusts & Estates Season 3 Episode 9
Trust Me
Scamming Is the Name of the Game, A Discussion of Scams and Elder Abuse
Show Notes

Join Deputy District Attorney Scott Pirrello and Estate Planning Attorney Melissa Raneri Karlsten for a conversation about elder abuse, including internet and technology scams that everyone, no matter their age, is being bombarded with on a daily basis. Scott and Melissa discuss shipping notifications, product subscriptions, and why you should not click on links, or pick up the phone if you do not recognize the caller. In addition to finding out the scammers' old and new tricks, you will also learn ways to protect yourself and others from being a victim of financial scams. And, Scott and Melissa discuss how trusts and estates attorneys can help to protect their clients from financial scams. 

About Our Guest:

Guest Scott Pirrello is a Deputy District Attorney at San Diego's District Attorney's Office where he is the head of Elder Abuse Prosecutions and is a member of the San Diego Elder Justice Task Force. Scott is a frequent speaker on elder abuse crimes and how the community can help better protect victims. Scott's work on an instrumental case in San Diego revealed a nationwide elder fraud network and he continues to work to bring information about these scams to the public in an effort to protect others. 

About Our Host:

Host Melissa Raneri Karlsten is a trusts and estates attorney at the law firm of Aaron, Riechert, Carpol & Riffle, APC in Redwood City, California. She is also a member of the Trusts and Estates Section Executive Committee of the California Lawyers Association.


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